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What do we do?

Algorithmic trading is at the heart of what we do! We build tools to support algorithmic and discretionary traders.

Our tools can help traders pass proprietary trading firm evaluations! We also offer coaching services to review your trading style and risk to ensure you pass the evaluations first time.

Our custom coding and advanced tools can help professional traders automate their trading, improving execution and returns.

Why us?

Trading isn’t our side hustle or hobby, it’s our bread and butter. We bring transparency to financial markets.

For the traders in the house, we give you the tools you want, and also the tools you need. Often traders are missing a piece of the puzzle, especially when it comes to portfolio management. We searched far and wide for the tools that would bring us success but they didn’t exist, so instead, we built our own, and now we offer them to you.


What our customers say about us

I was able to develop a profitable algorithmic strategy for my trading and become a fully algorithmic trader. Your consulting and programming services really helped.


Algorithmic Trader

The best service I have had for custom EA development. Before working with you I used several programmers in the past but they couldn't get it to work right. You knew what I needed right away and delivered it exceptionally.


Professional Trader

Your custom coding has allowed me to execute my trading strategy better than ever! I have now gone from a fully manual trader to a hybrid trader improving my trading and gaining more free time than ever!


Prop Firm Trader

The results from your services are exceptional and they solved my needs perfectly. Thanks to your tools I have been able to significantly improve my trading and become funded :D!

Brian White

Funded FTMO Trader

I was able to automate the most important aspects of my strategy with your help. With the EA you built for me and your coaching, me and my wife have been funded and are now getting significant income from trading.

Mate, you’re the best!


Funded FTMO Trader

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