Blue Capital Trading wins another €54,464.69 in funding from Darwinex

Our BPF strategy has just won funding from Darwinex for the third time! Last month our BPF strategy returned an outstanding 6.73% resulting in our best month yet. We also achieved a new all time leader board high placing 23 out of 4214 other DARWINs! For our placement in DarwinIA we have been awarded €54,464.69 in funding for the next 6 months!

Our Darwinex score has also reached a new all time high of 56.8 while maintaining our 100% regularity rating.

We use our own products like our Risk Management Assistant and Strategy Samurai to achieve these results.

Darwinex funding commitment to Blue Capital Trading.
Recording ranking of 23 on DarwinIA for Blue Capital Trading's BPF strategy.

We pride ourselves in our work, and receiving validation & acknowledge from Darwinex through funding has only made what we do all the more worth while.

What is DarwinIA?

DarwinIA is Darwinex’s capital allocation. Each month they allocate up to €7.5M notional Assets under Management (AuM) to 120 DARWINs, and commit AuM for 6 months.

Every month a maximum of €7,500,000 notional capital is allocated to the top 120 DARWINs on the DarwinIA leaderboard. The real allocation is a multiple of the smallest equity realized during the month on the DARWIN’s underlying trading account, and is capped to a maximum by leaderboard rank.

How can I invest in your trading strategies like Darwinex?

If you would like to join Darwinex in investing our BPF DARWIN you can read more on our Investors page. Our flagship trading strategy is called The Pacific and it is the same one listed on Darwinex under the ticker BPF. We have have step by step instructions to guide you through the process.

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