Expert Advisor Studio keyboard shortcuts update

Recently there has been some great improvements to Expert Advisor Studio (EA Studio). One of those improvements is keyboard shortcuts in the Strategy Editor. Now you can scroll to the next or previous strategy in the Collection straight from the Strategy Editor!

New keyboard shortcuts for Expert Advisor Studio Strategy Editor

The new keyboard shortcuts are:

  • Ctrl + left arrow loads the next strategy from the Collection.
  • Ctrl + right arrow loads the previous strategy from the Collection.
  • Ctrl +X deletes the current strategy and loads the strategy at the top of the Collection.

Previously you had to click the Collection button then click on the strategy you wanted to view. This could be quite confusing if you had many strategies in the collection. It was very easy to accidentally view the same strategy twice or to miss a strategy.

Old Collection method for Expert Advisor Studio (EA Studio)
Old method of viewing strategies in the Collection for Expert Advisor Studio

We look forward to more EA Studio updates in the future! Have a look at our blog for more resources or to view other Expert Advisor Studio updates.

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