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Cayman Expert Advisor Master Bundle

For traders who want to free up their time.

Whether you're hustling for extra income, looking for passive income, or just want to enjoy more free time, the Cayman Expert Advisor Master Bundle has got you covered.

Works with

Don't you wish that you can do more with the same amount of time?

If you've been trading for a while, you'll know that manual trading is time consuming.

Now you can have the freedom you wished for that made you start trading in the first place with the Cayman Expert Advisor Series

Do you remember why you started trading? Was it because you wanted more freedom? Be financially free? Or to increase your income? But then you realized it isn’t as easy as everyone made it out to be. Instead of being on the beach, you’re staring and waiting in front of your screen for an entry signal.

Isn't trading the financial markets supposed to give you freedom?

Why we started trading was because we wanted freedom. Financial freedom, freedom of time, freedom from our employers, and being able to do what we want to do when we want to. But instead, we found out that we’re glued to our screens. And the worst part is… the moment we stepped away, we missed the entry signal and it turned out be a winner. All that waiting for nothing!!! We’ve all been there.

And getting an expert advisor is only one piece of the puzzle...

as we started looking for expert advisors to automate our trading. However we found out that a lot of the expert advisors in the market only show a short period of curve-fitted back-tested results which uses martingale or grid money management that doesn’t represent the reality of trading.

Which lead us to create our own expert advisors and here, we do things differently: You’ll get a suite of expert advisors that is not only created by us professional traders, but also back-tested with a minimum of 2 years of data, which is not curve-fitted to show you the best result.

A curve-fitted over-optimized equity curve using martingale or grid

An equity curve that looks like this on the right is curve-fitted and overly optimized and uses martingale or grid. Such expert advisors will:

AN Example of an unsustainable equity curve

Because the reality is: It's impossible and not to have any drawdowns.

Nobody likes to talk about it, but let’s face it, who doesn’t want to win all the time? The reality is, trading is a business and there is no business without cost. An example is a casino will have losing streaks and that is part of their cost of doing business, and yet — the house always wins. And just like the casino with our EA you’ll be the house because our EAs are proven to have an edge in the market given enough time for the edge to play out.

An example of a healthy and sustainable equity curve, drawdowns are controlled and Account balance is making higher highs over time.

A healthy and sustainable equity curve

A healthy and sustainable equity curve that looks like this on the left is good for long term capital growth and will:

The equity curve on the left is from our Cayman Trend Following EA trading Gold Futures CFD (XAUUSD) from 2 Jan 2017 to 30 June 2022.

All Cayman series expert advisors have been thoroughly tested and validated in the live market environment. Not only that, we ourselves use the same expert advisors to trade the markets everyday. So you can be rest assured that the expert advisor you’re about to purchase is battle tested. 

Fully automated

Drag, drop and load the provided .set files and you're good to go.

Passive income

The EA will work for you even when you're away from your computer.

Consistent returns

All our EAs are back-tested for long period to provide statistically significant results. 

Full risk control

We believe you should have the right to allocate your capital as you see fit. All our EAs have 4 options for risk control.

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Cayman EA Master Bundle

Why the Master Bundle?

To the left, is the stats of our backtested example an account using Cayman Trend Following EA together with Cayman Breakout Scalper EA, and Cayman US Indices EA which trades a portfolio of 2 currency pairs, 1 gold futures CFDs, 3 US Indices CFDs, and 4 shares CFDs.

We’ll be transparent: As you can see from the stats, not every month is a winning month. And yet with an initial starting balance of $10,000 our suite Expert Advisors turned it to $133,969.56 in a span of 6.5 years. That’s 1239.70% capital growth (CAGR of 49.17%) by risking only 1% of the account capital on every trade!

Pricing — We keep it simple and flexible…


  • Trend Following, Breakout Scalper and US Indices EA included
  • Priority support ¹
  • Unlimited updates ¹
  • Maximum 2 Simultaneous activations
  • Unlimited MetaTrader 4/5 accounts
  • Bonus 1: Cayman Straddle EA access
  • Bonus 2: Risk Management Assistant access ¹ ²
  • No commitment. Cancel Anytime

Billed once per month until cancelled

No trading experience required

No constant monitoring required

No risky Martingale or averaging and adding into losses

No overly optimised backtest results

No ambiguous black box algos

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Cayman Trend Following EA

Why trend following?

The greatest traders of all time — Jesse Livermore, Ed Seykota, Richard Dennis, Paul Tudor Jones, Larry Williams and many more — have one thing in common: Trend following.

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Cayman Breakout Scalper EA

Why trade breakouts?

Breakouts, if successful, are usually the start of a trend.

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Cayman US Indices EA

Why US Indices?

Over extension of prices usually signals a short pull back due to profit taking or reversal.

Pricing — We keep it simple and flexible…


  • Trend Following, Breakout Scalper and US Indices EA included
  • Priority support ¹
  • Unlimited updates ¹
  • Maximum 2 Simultaneous activations
  • Unlimited MetaTrader 4/5 accounts
  • Bonus 1: Cayman Straddle EA access
  • Bonus 2: Risk Management Assistant access ¹ ²
  • No commitment. Cancel Anytime

Billed once per month until cancelled

Priority Support ¹

Need help? You can contact us directly via email, through our contact form or even lodge a ticket in our support platform! Need help instantly? Have a look at our documentation.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unless stated otherwise, all our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

Unlimited Updates ¹

You'll receive unlimited updates for your purchase. We update our products frequently and you'll receive a notification when a new version is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll receive it instantly! You’ll receive two emails from us: one with your account details which we will automatically create for you, and another with your purchase receipt! Your purchase receipt will contain all files for your purchase.

We do! Everything is developed in house by our team. There’s no out sourcing here!

Your support level depends on your purchase. You can email us at [email protected] anytime. There is also a ticket support system built right into our platform where you can log a ticket directly! We aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Before contacting us please have a look at our documentation page.

Each EA will clearly indicate what platform it is compatible with, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, etc. We primarily support MetaTrader 5. In the future we plan to support MetaTrader 4 as well. Stay tuned!

Yes, you’ll get preconfigured settings that we use to trade the markets everyday in a .set file together with your EA. 

However we strongly encourage you to test it and make changes as necessary as each broker have different price data and symbol prices and also to suit your own trading style.

If you have a discount code, sure! We occasionally send discount codes to our partners and subscribers so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any!

Also, if you open an account with our affiliate broker, you’ll get a discount code for our EAs. On top of that, for every trade you make, you’ll get a discount on your commission and our affiliate broker will subsidize your purchase based on the amount you fund your account.

If that sounds like an awesome deal to you, simply sign up here, fund at least 1,000 USD/EUR and drop us an email to receive your discount code. It’s as simple as that!

For a start, you’ll receive a discount code for your purchase. Secondly you’ll also get a commission discount on every trade that you make.

Also our affiliate broker will also subsidize your purchase and if you meet the minimum required lots they’ll also pay for your VPS to run our EAs.

If you’d like to get yourself a great deal, simply create an account with our affiliate broker and fund a minimum of 1,000 USD/EUR and drop us an email to get your discount code.

Everything you need to get up and running! That includes all associated files and documentation. Your license key (if any) will be emailed to you instantly.

If you’re stuck, please reach out to us via logging a support ticket or contacting [email protected]!

Yes! Updates are available free of charge to all users with a valid license key. You will be alerted if there is an update available. Also if you have any suggestions or feature that you think its useful drop us an email and we’ll looking into it for future update.

For more information, please have a read of our terms of use.

We have 2 plans available. A monthly subscription where you can cancel anytime or a lifetime license with just a one-time payment.

Your entire purchase history, license keys, receipts, files and subscriptions (if any) are all available inside our platform 24/7!

You will also receive the details in your purchase receipt email which we send instantly!

No! Our checkout system is completely automated. Your license keys (if any) are generated instantly!

Yes! You can ask us any question through our contact page.

You’ll need an account with a broker that supports MT5 (MetaTrader 5) platform. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create an account with our affiliate broker. You’ll get a discount on your trading commission. For more details of benefits, please check the FAQ on “What benefits do I get if I sign up with your affiliate broker?”

Also if you would like your EA to run 24/5 you’ll need a VPS.

We suggest to start with a minimum of 5000 USD/EUR in order for the EA to size your trades correctly.

No! You don’t have to know technical analysis or how to read price charts to use our EAs. All our EAs are designed from the ground up to execute trades consistently without the user needing to have the knowledge to trade or read price charts.

Currently we have 4 published highly profitable and proven strategies, more are in the works so if you don’t want to miss out on the latest releases get our Master Bundle package. 

Your Master Bundle package gives you exclusive access to our future EAs without additional fees.

Just drag and drop our EAs from the MetaTrader Navigator into a chart and load the settings we’ve provided and you’re good to go. However you can also customize your own settings to suit your own trading style/preference. 

You can use our EAs on an unlimited number of MetaTrader accounts! However you can run our Cayman series EAs on only 2 MetaTrader accounts concurrently. 

Yes! You can run multiple instances of our Cayman Series EAs on multiple charts, just make sure that you set the EAs Magic number correctly so that it doesn’t conflict with other EAs.

Your license key is valid for your subscription period and will be automatically renewed when the period has ended.

An active license key is required for continued access to automatic updates and support.

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at anytime from your subscriptions page. You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires.

Yes! You can easily upgrade your license from your license keys page.

Unfortunately, the lifetime license cannot be downgraded to a monthly subscription.

Yes you can! We’re disappointed that our EAs do not meet your needs. Generally, we have a 30 day refund window on non-discounted purchases.

Yes! You can ask us any question through our contact page.

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