Risk Management Assistant

Manage Your Risk Like The Pros

Our Risk Management Assistant monitors your MetaTrader 4 account and notifies you when your risk limits or other pre-defined conditions are met. It is designed to help pass proprietary trading firm challenges.

Works with
MetaTrader 4

Stop struggling with risk management!

Risk management is a part of trading that many traders struggle with. We’ve seen countless traders fail due to a lack of risk management. It’s more than having a defined risk per trade. It’s knowing when your strategy is not longer working or when you have passed certain limits in your trading.
  • Keep within your risk management parameters

  • Know when your strategy is no longer working

  • Stop losing prop firm evaluation challenges


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View the changelog (new version released!)

The results from your services are exceptional and they solved my needs perfectly. Thanks to your tools I have been able to significantly improve my trading and become funded by FTMO :D!

Brian White

Funded FTMO Trader



SALE: €200 OFF

View the changelog (new version released!)
  • Receive Telegram notifications direct to your phone

  • Track your exposure and open lots in real time

  • Customize to match trading firm challenges

Pass trading challenges like FTMO first time!

Sick of failing trading challenges like FTMO? You can configure our Risk Management Assistant with the trading rules for the challenge you’re attempting.

You'll be able to:


SALE: €200 OFF

View the changelog (new version released!)

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SALE: €200 OFF

View the changelog (new version released!)

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