Strategy Samurai is the ultimate tool to manage hundreds of trading strategies in MetaTrader

Strategy Samurai will enable you to manage, analyze, and assemble a curated portfolio of strategies in REAL-TIME.

Strategy Samurai will enable you to manage, analyze, and assemble a curated portfolio of strategies in REAL-TIME.

Works with
MetaTrader 4
Forex Strategy Builder Professional
Expert Advisor Studio
StrategyQuant X
FX Blue Personal Trade Copier

Do you use Forex Strategy Builder Professional (FSB Pro), Expert Advisor Studio (EA Studio) or StrategyQuant X?

Do you waste hours staring at your screen monitoring and moving expert advisors?

Do you know when to move your strategies from your demo to live account?

Are you having trouble managing hundreds of trading strategies?

Managing a portfolio of HUNDREDS of strategies can be hard work… Depending on how often you filter your strategies, you might be moving them from your demo account to your live account several times each week! Each time you move them you have to copy strategies manually from one MetaTrader account to another… apply them to the chart… manage a complicated folder structure on your hard drive… make sure you are copying the correct ones or do a bunch of administration tasks to keep track of everything! All of this is time-consuming and prone to human error.

Isn't automated trading supposed to SAVE you time?

The whole point of using strategy mining software like Forex Strategy Builder Pro (FSB Pro) and Expert Advisor Studio (EA Studio) is to automate the generation process instead of trying to find these strategies manually. Using these tools we can automate our workflow to include In and Out Of Sample testing, robustness testing, Walk Forward Analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation just to name a few. That’s great for the generation side but what about the portfolio management side?

Generating expert advisors is only one piece of the puzzle...

There’s no point in having hundreds of strategies and expert advisors if you don’t know what to do with them all! To be successful in this space you need to use the right tools for the job, and up until now, the right tools didn’t exist. Previous solutions were convoluted, complicated, required multiple tools, were a combination of automated and manual processes, became unsupported after a short period, didn’t integrate with other software, or only provided limited functionality!

It's impossible to manage hundreds of strategies without proper software...

Excel has its place. It is a very powerful tool with the correct knowledge and when used the correct way, but it’s not built for traders. You need specialist software. You need software that is fit for purpose…

Works with FSB Profressional strategies

Works with Expert Advisor Studio strategies

Works with StrategyQuantX strategies

Integrates with the FX Blue Personal Trade Copier

No limitations here! If you generated your strategies using FSB Professional they are fully compatible with Strategy Samurai.

EA Studio is our preferred strategy generation tool and Strategy Samurai is designed to work with it with no modifications needed.

Strategy Samurai is designed to work with any strategy generation software including StrategyQuant X.

Strategy Samurai seamlessly and effortlessly integrates with the FX Blue Personal Trade Copier (thanks Jonathan!) so you can copy your filtered strategies to any account!


Introducing the ultimate tool to manage hundreds of trading strategies!

How does it work?

Apply Strategy Samurai to any MetaTrader chart and it will instantly begin to analyze your account history in REAL-TIME based on your strategies magic numbers or symbols. It will then continue to monitor your account for any new closed trades that occur and calculate their performance metrics INSTANTLY.

With these performance metrics, you can set filters to add strategies that meet your criteria to an approved list! The settings that determine if a strategy gets approved can be fully configured.

Strategies running in your demo or "incubator" account...
Available settings (more added every update!)
View the changelog (new version released!)

You'll be able to:

Perform advanced analysis...

We provide you with the filtered .csv files for the long, medium and short term filters so you can perform your own analysis. This easily enables you to have a 30,000 ft view of all your strategies. We provide the .csv file with powerful custom metrics including ALL those you will find from FX Blue.

Filtered statistics output to csv for analysis

No java runtime required

No MS or SQL databases required

No external dlls required

No code modifications required

No other software required


Integration with the FX Blue Personal Trade Copier

Strategy Samurai goes one step further...

Having a list of filtered magics or symbols is great but it still requires you to manually turn on or off those strategies or move them to other accounts.

Strategy Samurai is fully compatible with the *FX Blue Personal Trade Copier and this is where the magic REALLY happens. You will be able to send the approved magic list to the trade copier in REAL-TIME to only take the trades for the approved magic numbers! 

With this functionality you can send the filtered magics to your LIVE account and FULLY automate your strategy management process.

* The FX Blue Personal Trade Copier currently does not support reading Symbols from a text file.

Use the FX Blue Personal Trading Copier to send the approved strategies to a live account
  • Only required to run on one MetaTrader chart!

  • Monitor the performance of hundreds of strategies!

  • Analyze and filter strategies in REAL-TIME!

  • Powerful custom and all FX Blue metrics supported!

  • Outputs Excel files for custom analysis!

  • Run multiple instances to diversify your strategies!


Here's an example of how it works...

Let’s use the long, medium and short term magic filters to only approve strategies that have at least 5 trades and a Profit Factor of at least 1.2 for each filter. Let’s further restrict each filter to only look back in their recent trade history, using a different look back period for each filter.

  • Short term filter – only look at the last 10 trades
  • Medium term filter – only look at the last 20 trades
  • Long term filter – only look at the last 50 trades

We are also going to sort the top 10 magics that match all filters by Profit Factor, largest to smallest, using the long term filter.

There’s quite a bit happening here so let’s break it down below!

example settings

To the left we can see the three magic .csv files generated. As detailed above, each .csv file is restricted to only showing the magic statistics that match the “Look at the last X trades” input for each filter. We’ve sorted each .csv file by Profit Factor, largest to smallest, for ease of viewing.

Strategy Samurai includes an easy to view legend in the first column so you can easily see which strategies were approved, which weren’t, and why!

In this example we’ve manually highlighted each row with the following color scheme (rows are not automatically highlighted):

  • Orange (“+”) represents magics that match that specific trade filter (long, medium, short etc).
  • Green (“*+”) represents magics that match all filters.
  • Blue represents magics that match all filters (like green) but did not make the approved list because we restricted our list by top 10 based off Profit Factor.
  • Yellow represents the statistics for the entire approved portfolio combined since trading inception!
That means we should see only those magics that are highlighted green in our approved magic list…

… and we do! But there’s more happening here than meets the eye. The magic list is in a specific order! We opted to sort our top 10 magics by Profit Factor, largest first, using the long term filter. If we compare the order of the magics in MetaTrader and our text file they match the order in our long term filter .csv file! It’s important to note because for the keen eyed you will see that the order of the magics in each long, medium and short term filter are different.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. Strategy Samurai is flexible so you can filter your trades exactly the way you want to.

Approved magic list displayed and sorted

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View the changelog (new version released!)
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² Risk Management Assistant MetaTrader account activations are independent to Strategy Samurai activations.

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No! Strategy Samurai is designed to work with all strategies, manual or automated, as long as each has a unique magic number or symbol. It does not matter if the strategies were programmed manually or if they were created with Expert Advisor generation software.

No! You can do whatever you like with the approved magic or symbol list including using the list to manually move/copy/disable your strategies. We’ve made Strategy Samurai fully compatible with the FX Blue Trade Copier* though so you can automate this ENTIRE process and send your filtered trades to ANY account.

* The FX Blue Personal Trade Copier currently does not support reading Symbols from a text file.

No! Previous solutions on the market were complicated and required all kinds of hoops to jump through! MS databases, HTML screen scraping, external libraries, the list goes on! Everything you need is contained within our .ex4 file. If you like you can also use Strategy Samurai in conjunction with the FX Blue Personal Trade Copier.

An unlimited amount! You can have hundreds, or even thousands of strategies in your trading account!.

Only one! Simply attach Strategy Samurai to any chart that is on your demo or “incubator” account (where you test all your strategies) and our tool will do the rest! Previous solutions required multiple expert advisors on your live and demo account but not ours!

No! Strategy Samurai works out of the box! Even with strategies generated by EA Studio and FSB Pro!

Each strategy within an EA Studio Portfolio Expert is treated individually! That means that if your single Portfolio Expert has 10 strategies, you will be see statistics for each of the 10 strategies and be able to filter them individually!

No! Strategy Samurai looks at all magics! It doesn’t matter what length it is, or what is starts or ends with!

Yes! You can see us listed here on the official partner page!

Strategy Samurai is designed to be placed on a chart connected to the account that you use to demo test or “”incubate” your strategies to see how they perform in real life trading. Once you have used Strategy Samurai to filter your magics or symbols, you can then move those strategies that meet your acceptance criteria to a live account either manually or using the FX Blue Personal Trade Copier! Strategy Samurai is designed to constantly run in your demo account and give you the ability to add new strategies frequently to sort out the winners from the losers using a systematic, repeatable, automated process.

Yes! You can apply multiple instances of Strategy Samurai to multiple charts. Simple change the “Sub Directory” parameter in the settings to ensure your files have their own unique directory!

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