Your license keys

  • Active status means the key is valid and has been activated.
  • Inactive status means the key is valid but has never been activated.
  • Expired status means the expiration date of the license has passed.
  • Disabled status means your purchase has been refunded / revoked.

Your MetaTrader 4/5 account number is used as an activation against your purchase/product and your license controls how many activation’s you can use.

If you have reached or exceeded your activation’s limit, or you wish to change the MetaTrader 4/5  account your purchase/product works with you can click the Manage MetaTrader Accounts Overview link below to see an overview of your licenses for that individual purchase. You can then click the Manage MetaTrader Accounts link for the individual product you wish to change the accounts for and remove your MetaTrader account number by clicking Deactivate MetaTrader Account. If you have unused activation’s available you can then add your new MetaTrader account number by inputting your account number (*without a trailing slash*) and clicking Add MetaTrader Account. Alternatively, simply run your purchased Expert Advisor on your new account and it will be automatically activated if you have free activation’s available.

On the Manage MetaTrader Accounts Overview page please ensure you select the individual product (e.g. “Strategy Samurai – “) and not the bundle (e.g. “Strategy Samurai + Risk Management Assistant – Yearly – “). You are not required to add your MetaTrader account numbers to the bundle.

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