Basic setup for Managed VPS services

This is a basic VPS setup guide to help you quickly set up your VPS for your trading needs. In this guide, we will go through basic setup with a specific VPS provider but most of the steps can be taken with most VPS providers.

Please note that this guide is offered as is. The creator nor distributors of this guide are responsible for the use given to this guide as well as any errors or omissions.

Our recommended VPS provider is Accuwebhosting Forex VPS as it is reliable and offers a good price for a managed server.

Some brokers also provide discounted or free VPS services so you may want to check that option too if you are eligible.

In this guide we will use Accuwebhosting Forex VPS as an example for the setup.

Select your plan and billing period based on your needs #

Their Denver location is their cheapest option. This option provides reasonable latency for most brokers which have their servers in USA and acceptable latency for brokers with servers in Europe.
We recommend the ForexVPS1 plan if latency is no the most important in your strategy or algo (most swing trading strategies will be fine for example and mostly scalping strategies are the ones who consider latency more)

Select your VPS name, password and settings #

In this example we went with the FX VPS2 option. In this step you chose the name you want for your VPS as well as your administrator password. The name and NS prefix are not important and its mostly for you to identify your VPS.

If you have any questions you can ask their live support chat and they can help you completing your purchase.

Enter your customer and payment details & request basic setup configurations for your VPS #

In your order there will be a section for additional notes. Here you can request their team to pre-setup some basic configurations on your VPS. This requests will make the VPS creation process a bit longer but they will have pre-configured some of the most important steps for you.

For the additional notes you can use and edit this base request and add your requirements:

Please set up my VPS with the following:

Configure basic security settings, AV, etc…

Set up windows and system updates to only happen during weekends (Saturday at 2 AM EST) weekly

Set up my user to auto log in upon VPS restart

Setup VPS to auto-restart every 2 or 3 weeks on Sunday 3 AM EST (optional)

Confirm your order and wait for your VPS activation #

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