What happens if I receive error 5203 (HTTP request failed) in MetaTrader?

Error 5203 (HTTP request failed) can occur for several reasons. Rectifying this error is essential as it means your MetaTrader terminal is unable to communicate with our server to validate your license key, typically meaning your Expert Advisor will cease to function. If you receive an error you will be able to view it in the Experts tab within MetaTrader.

In order to rectify the issue, please ensure you attempt the below troubleshooting steps.

  • Confirm that you have properly added “https://www.bluecapitaltrading.com” to the list of allowed URLs for WebRequest and that “Allow WebRequest for listed URL” is checked in Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. You should also confirm that you have added our “https” web address and not “http”.
  • Check your internet connection and firewall settings to make sure there are no restrictions regarding your MetaTrader installation.
  • Restart your MetaTrader terminal.
  • Reapply the Expert Advisor to a chart with your desired settings.
  • If you are using a wireless internet connection switch to a wired connection if possible.

If you still receive this issue please open a support ticket and our team can assist.

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