= v1.08, 03 April, 2022 = #
  • New:
    • Added Dr. Van Tharp's System Quality Number as a filter and sorting metric.
  • Fix:
    • Strategy Samurai Christmas logo now updates in real-time.
    • Fixed bug regarding double arithmetic where trade net profit should equal 0 but doesn't.
= v1.07, 09 July, 2021 = #
  • Fix:
    • Critical error fixed regarding trades opening and closing with quick succession.
= v1.06, 06 July, 2021 = #
  • Tweak:
    • AverageNetProfitPerDay, AverageNetPipsPerDay, AverageTradesPerDay, DaysTrading and DaysSinceFirstOpenTrade modified to use open date of first trade instead of closed date.
= v1.05, 05 July, 2021 = #
  • Tweak:
    • ApprovedMagicList.txt is now blank if there are no magic numbers approved instead of "x".
    • More output messages for the user to indicate what Strategy Samurai is doing
    • "Approved Portfolio" line in CSV files tweaked for user clarity
    • Minor changes to input descriptions for user clarity
    • Added estimated calculation time based off number of trades in trade history
    • Legend for CSV files modified for clarity
  • New:
    • DaysTrading added to CSV files
    • DaysSinceFirstClosedTrade added to CSV files
    • DaysSinceLastClosedTrade added to CSV files
    • AverageTradesPerDay added to CSV files
    • AverageNetPipsPerDay added to CSV files
    • AverageNetProfitPerDay added to CSV files
    • AverageNetProfitPerDay added as a sorting metric
    • AverageNetProfitPerDay added to LONG, MEDIUM and SHORT filters
= v1.04, 24 April, 2021 = #
  • Tweak:
    • Emergency tweak changing the way Strategy Samurai accesses the account history as some brokers have implemented an update that soft bans IP addresses when querying in quick succession
    • Input names adjusted for clarity
    • "r" metric renamed to rCorrelationCoefficient for clarity
    • : rCorrelationCoefficient default setting changed to -1 (ignore/allow all)
= v1.03, 03 January, 2021 = #
  • Tweak:
    • Debug message removed from public release
    • Some sorting inputs reordered and input descriptions added and/or modified for user clarity
    • "Check every X seconds" input replaced with "Save approved lists for changes every X seconds"
    • License and version check code moved to OnTimer()
    • Return To Average Drawdown renamed to Return To Max Average Drawdown
    • TotalPLInDollar renamed to NetProfit
    • TotalTrades renamed to Trades
    • Filter by Trades and Date dropdown renamed to "FilterByTrades" and "FilterByDate"
  • New:
    • Added text file in base Strategy Samurai directory for users to easily copy/paste URL required for Web Requests
    • Added text file in relevant Strategy Samurai directory for users to easily copy/paste the link to the approved magic list text file for the FX Blue Personal Trade Copier
    • GUI now displays when the next possible save for the approved lists is
    • GUI now displays when the last save for the approved lists was
    • The Experts Log now displays two approved lists: the current real-time approved list and the approved list that was last saved to the text file (based off the "Save approved lists for changes every X seconds" input)
    • Maximum Drawdown in $ added to CSV file output
    • Added MaximumShortTermAverageProfitLossRatio as a filter
    • Added NormalisedProfitFactor as a filter and sorting metric
    • Added new ReturnToAverageDrawdown metric with new calculations
    • Added AverageMaxDrawdown (in $ and %) to CSV file output
    • Some drawdown metrics and WinPercentage removed from sorting metric availability
    • Magic and Symbol columns now displayed in both SymbolStats and MagicStats CSV files
    • In the MagicStats CSV files, the Symbol column now displays the symbol the magic trades on. If the magic trades on multiple symbols, it is set to blank. Works with each filter individually.
    • In the SymbolStats CSV files, the Magic column now displays the magic the symbol trades on. If multiple magics trade on the same symbol, it is set to blank. Works with each filter individually.
    • Added Coeffecient of Correlation (r) as a filter and sorting metric
  • Fix:
    • Strategy Samurai now checks for an approved list immediately (thanks community user Hannahis!)
    • Bug with JPY pair pip calculations fixed
    • Bug fixed with license code where Strategy Samurai would exit immediately if the there was an error upon first application to a chart
= v1.02, 23 October, 2020 = #
  • Tweak:
    • Default magic list text file renamed to "ApprovedMagicList.txt"
    • Default symbol list text file renamed to "ApprovedSymbolList.txt"
    • License validation code tweaked for faster validation when changing settings
    • "Total win pips", "Total loss pips", "Net pips" and "Pip profit factor" columns formatted to two decimal places
    • Incorrect input parameters are now displayed as Alerts instead of printed to the Experts log
    • Specific incorrect input parameters are now only checked on startup if using that filter (Trades or Date)
    • LONG_TERM_FILTER cannot be turned off. Default for Trades and Date filter is now since inception (entire trade history)
    • When "Look at last X trades" is set to 0 for the LONG_TERM_FILTER it now means since inception (entire trade history) instead of turning the filter off
    • Input variable descriptions modified to explain the function of each input more clearly
    • Renamed "Avg win" column in CSV files to "Avg Profit"
    • "% change" column in CSV files turned off by default (not currently in use)
  • New:
    • LONG_TERM_FILTER now has a "Look at last X days" input to calculate based on rolling days
    • "Opening balance" and "Closing balance" columns in CSV files now display virtual calculated opening and closing balances for individual magics or symbols
    • CSV files now indicate which magics or symbols were approved but not in the final list due to not being in the top X sorted count
    • CSV files now indicate which magics or symbols were excluded due to being in the exclude list
    • Legend added to CSV files for * and + meanings
    • Recalculation of statistics is now performed when the user changes the chart or modifies inputs
    • Current directory is now displayed on the chart to make identifying multiple Strategy Samurai instances easier
  •  Fix:
    • AverageDrawdown and AverageDrawdownPercent metrics missing from LONG, MEDIUM and SHORT term filters
    • Critical error fixed in sorting function to handle sorting by Symbols
    • Approved List magic count in Experts log now displays correct magic count
    • Error fixed in support function when Strategy Samurai is applied to a chart but the symbol from the trade history is not in the Market Watch window
    • "APPROVED PORTFOLIO" in CSV files now correctly displays the statistics for the "Sort approved list using the top X" input instead of the entire sorted list (with no top by X)
= v1.01, 12 October, 2020 = #
  • Tweak:
    • Renamed ReturnToDrawdown to ReturnToMaxDrawdown
    • Printed approved magic list now shows magic count
    • Expectancy metric removed. Same as Avg Trade
  • New:
    • Added StartingBalanceOverride input (only used for drawdown calculations)
    • Added ReturnToAverageDrawdown filter
    • Added AverageDrawdown filter
    • Added AverageDrawdownPercent filter
    • Added CurrentDrawdown filter (positive number)
    • Added Avg Profit / Loss Ratio filter (thanks Hannah!)
    • Added next license key validation label
    • Added version number label
    • Black background with Strategy Samurai logo added
    • Added ability to filter columns in CSV files
    • Black background added
    • First column in CSV now indicates if the magic is approved for that individual filter or all filters. "+" = individual filter, "*" = all filters
    • Combined portfolio trade history statistics for magics that are approved for all filters are now output as the top row in each CSV file
    • Added ability to sort by Magic grouping or Symbol grouping
  • Fix:
    • Fixed LONG_TERM_FILTER, MEDIUM_TERM_FILTER and SHORT_TERM_FILTER ReturnToMaxDrawdown logic error
    • Fixed SHORT_TERM_FILTER ReturnToMaxDrawdown logic error
    • Fixed critical error with trades with exactly 0.00 net profit
= v1.00, 04 September, 2020 = #
  • Initial release

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