Using the Telegram notifications

In order to be able to get Telegram notifications from this EA you will need to create a Telegram bot, get your bot private key and your channel ID.

In this section we run you though how to do this (no programming required)

But first we will need to change some setting in the MT4 terminal so that the EA can work properly with the telegram alerts

Configuring MT4 so that the EA and the Telegram alerts work #

To use Telegram Alerts you will need to allow DLL imports as well as web requests from

First you need to open Tools>Options and click on the “Expert Advisors” tab.

Once there you need to check “Allow DLL Imports ….” and “Allow WebRequest from listed URL:”

And then add the url to the list.

Creating a Telegram bot #

The first thing you will need to do is to open the Telegram app.

Then you search for the user called BotFather.

Start BotFather.

Type “/newbot” or click on the link on the command menu BotFather shows when you start it.

Follow the instructions that BotFather gives you.

Give your bot a name (display name)

Give it an username (this username is the one you use as the Channel Name input) (remember to input it as @yourbotname_bot)

Once you finish you will get a message like this.

The HTTP API key is your Token input. (keep this key safe as it is the equivalent to the password for your bot. Do not share it with anyone)

Getting your channel ID #

To get your channel ID there are several ways but the easiest I found is to use a bot that someone else made to do this.

Search for the user @get_id_bot.

Start a conversation with the bot and the message it will give you your Name and ChatID (That Chat ID is the value you place into the Chatid input in the EA)

In order to be able to receive messages from your bot you will need to search its username (the one you created before) and start a conversation with it. Once that is done then you should be able to receive notifications on from the EA via your new Telegram bot.

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