How do I configure Windows to auto logon upon reboot?

When using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) it is important to configure Windows to auto logon if the server reboots. This is important because you are required to be logged in with a Windows account to be able to run MetaTrader. If your MetaTraders instances aren’t running that means neither are your Expert Advisors! It is also important to make sure that your MetaTrader runs when Windows starts.

Download the Microsoft Sysinternals Autologon application #

First, download the Microsoft Sysinternals Autologon application. You can download it here. You should download it onto your VPS or the workstation you would like to auto logon to Windows.

Run and configure Autologon #

Run the Autologon tool as an Administrator by right clicking and click “Run as Administrator.

A dialog box should appear and this should be already be populated with your username and domain. If you wish to set Autologon for another user you will need to change the Username field.

Input the password for the desired account in the password field then click Enable. The following dialog will appear.

Next time your VPS restarts your user account should now automatically log in.

Important notes #

If you change the Windows password for your account you will be required to run the Autologon tool again and configure it with the new password.

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