Ver4.4 #

03 – Sept – 2020

Added automated checks for updates versions

Ver4.35 #

02 – Sept – 2020

Modified Inputs for Periodic Monitoring Screenshots to make them more descriptive.

Corrected minor Periodic Monitoring Screenshots internal calculations.

Simplified DrawDown Limit Notifications to avoid multiple separate notifications when multiple limits are exceeded.

Ver4.3 #

16 – August – 2020

Added new calculations to show exposure for open and all trades at the same time.

Re-arranged some display texts to make them more readable and clean.

Minor notification issues corrected.

Ver4.2 #

07 – Aug – 2020

Added new option to close all trades monitored daily between the designated hours. This input will close all trades in the monitored magic list or account during the specified time interval.

Ver4.0 #

01 – Jul – 2020

Added new calculation so the Risk Manager will now show Open Lots as well as total Lots in the same place.

Ver3.91 #

28 – Jun – 2020

Fixed an error that causes the EA to crash if its placed on accounts with 0 balance and transactions.

Changed the working of an internal filter for better user experience.

Ver3.9 #

25 – Jun – 2020

Added the option for closing trades on Friday

Ver3.8 #

13 – Jun – 2020

Further improved code reliability.

Added the option to filter parameter checking by magic numbers or for the whole account.

Added option for periodic telegram notifications (on EA start ,every day and/or week).

Added the option to ignore Break-even trades and trades with SL at profit from the Open Lots calculation.

Ver3.6 #

1 – Jun – 2020

Significantly re-vamped version. Completely new code for added reliability when calculating DrawDowns. Improved performance for accounts with large amount of transactions. Added the option to display the different parameters the EA monitors on your chart. Added telegram notifications support which include a screenshot of the display panel.

Ver2.25 #

29 – Jan – 2019

Separated the time settings for notifying of events from the one from closing trades during events (IE. you can now get the EA to send you notifications 30 min before an event and close any open trade in your account 10 minutes to 10 minutes after the event)

Ver2.0 #

28 – Jan – 2019

Initial Release

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