How do I view the approved magic or symbol lists?

The approved magic or symbol lists that match your filters are output in two ways.

The first way is via the Experts Log in the MetaTrader terminal. Here you can quickly view the approved magic or symbol list. It will also be sorted using the sorting metric you have specified.

The second way is in a text file that is output to your \MQL4\Files directory and the base Strategy Samurai directory “Blue Capital Trading – Strategy Samurai” or a sub directory if you have specified one using the “Sub directory” input. You can specify the file name you would like to use in Strategy Samurai or leave it default.

Strategy Samurai outputted .csv files for analysis

Here is an example of what the default text file might look like if you have some magic numbers that meet your filtering criteria.

Strategy Samurai approved sorted magic list displayed in text file

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