Updating the EAs

We will be posting new updates of the EA as we include more options or make optimizations in its code.

In order to update the EAs you will need to download the new versions from your dashboard and then follow the same process as the installation.

Additionally remember to save your current EA settings in case MT4 resets them to default with the update.

Find your MT4 terminal folder.

Usually: C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal<ID>

Put the .ex4 files into the Experts folder in your MT4 directory. (….\MQL4\Experts)

It is recommended that you close your MT4 terminal during the update.

It is recommended to do a quick check of your settings to check that they are adequately kept (for this you can save the settings as a .set file before the update and load it again after the update)

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